Damien Rice
April 13th, 2015
Murat Theater
Indianapolis, IN

Taper: Mike Peters (mikepeters@petersmotorsports.com)
Location: Row 1, center, taped from stage monitor directly in front of seats
Source: AKG CK61-ULS Caps (Active Cables) > Roland DR-40 (24-bit 96kHz WAV)
Conversion: Samsung Pro 64GB SD Card > USB 3.0 > iZotope RX3 (Gain, Dither, Resample) > CD Wave Editor (Tracking)

01: My Favourite Faded Fantasy
02: Older Chests
03: The Box
04: The Rat Within the Grain
05: Cannonball
06: Elephant
07: 9 Crimes
08: I Don't Want to Change You
09: Trusty and True
10: Volcano
11: I Remember

12: It Takes a Lot to Know a Man
13: Rootless Tree
14: The Blower's Daughter
15: Long Long Way

Notes: Heavy clipping during the end of Long Long Way (and some other locations) not due to gain levels being too high. It actually sounded this way because it was exceding the compressors the house sound crew was using.

Compiled by: Mike Peters 4/15/2015