2006 Nov 10
Dan Aykroyd and guests
Halifax, Nova Scotia,Canada
Marquee Club

I had forgotten about this show and just recently unearthed it while digging through my archieves.
Hmm....what elese do my archieves have that I've forgotten about!?

Lineage: Custom homemade mics-->Battery Box with 200hz roll off filter-->Sony MZ-R900 Minidisc recorder-->FLAC8

This show is 100% untouched and unmodified.
No fade ins or fade outs have been added.
This is the way it was presented and the way it should be heard.

I'm not a huge blues fan, but I am a big Dan Aykroyd fan! Beldar rules.
Since this show, I have a new appreciation for the blues.

Several guests make appearances through out the show. They are mainly Canadian artists...so if you are only interested in Dan's portion..skip to track 7 and ignore the first 6 tracks. (although that would be a mistake IMO)

I wasn't sure of the track titles, so I didn't attempt to list them..maybe someone can post them for me.

The entire first set was 87 minutes long. I could have pared it down to fit onto 1 cd, but really don't like cutting shows short.
Aykroyd only performed in set 1.

Here are some notes on the show:

1. As this was the day before REmemberance Day, WW2 vetern A.Miller was brought on stage and made some comments. He had a chest full of medals.
2. Charlie d'Acourt performs the entire first set
3. Comedian Shaun Majumder comes on stage (track 6) and introduces Dan
4. Mike "Bubbles" Smith plays guitar during tracks 13-16
5. Blues guy Matt Anderson comes on stage during track 16

Dan was doing a promotional visit to Halifax on behalf of Patrona Tequila. There were bar babes giving free samples all night. Woo-hoo!!Patrona rocks.

I bought a bottle and had Dan autograph it.

As always, please do not sell or convert to lossy format. Please keep the notes with the file.
I am always looking for new Sum41, April Wine and Danko Jones shows...



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