Dan Fogelberg, Foolís Gold, Joe Walsh, Don Henley,
Don Felder & Richard Bowden
March 07, 1976
Santa Monica, CA
Los Angeles Broadcast of the King Biscuit Flower Hour

I received this in trade and donít know much about its lineage.
For a 1976 recording, it sounds pretty good.
I think it was originally uploaded on DIME, but I donít have any of the original information.

Disc One
101 KBFH Opening
102 Coming out of Hiding (Foolís Gold)
103 Rain, Oh, Rain (Foolís Gold)
104 Another Old Song
105 Stars
106 Crow
107 Old Tennessee
108 I was Never Much
109 Del Buen Pastor
110 Looking for a Lady
111 To the Morning
112 Song from Half Mountain
113 What in the World
114 Illinois

Disc Two
201 Morning Sky
202 Captured Angel
203 Anyway I Love You
204 Big Bad John (Richard Bowden)
205 Long Way Home
206 Aspen Ė These Days
207 Somebodyís Been Telling you Stories
208 Part of the Plan
209 Band Intros
210 As the Raven Flies (with Joe Walsh)
211 Thereís a Place in the World for a Gambler (with Don Henley & Don Felder)
212 KBFH Outro