Dan Fogelberg
Hill Auditorium
Ann arbor, MI.
April 21, 1979


Audience recording Rating 6/6.5
Solo acoustic show, no band.

This and the Chicago show I posted two weeks earlier are nice tour documents
of this tour.
They appear to be taped by the same person who caught both shows. Decent recordings,
by no means perfect. This show is not as good IMHO as the Chicago show from the same
tour I posted here last week. Here's why........

This is a shorter show than Chicago. "Along the road" was not played here as an encore. "Beggars Game" was
not played and no "Sketches" either. Also "Talkin out of time" was played in replacenet of reverse the charge.

Anyone who would like to remaster and repost that would be great.
The 79 tour was the last time for Netherlands, Half mountain, Stars, Illinois and the great songs
from Home free and Souvenirs. When Innocent Age came out and Fogelberg hit the big time,
all shows from this point forward were almost 40-50 percent this album. It basically remained
this way until his last tour in 2003.

This show was without Fools Gold who by then were on their own trying (unsucesssfully) to
make the big time. This is also right before Longer and Heart Hotels became his second and
third top forty (longer #2) singles. So this tour was quite interesting as this was the last
tour before Dan's 79-84 Salad Days.

1. Netherlands
2. Once upon a time
3. Stars
4. Crow
5. Old tennessee
6. Song from half mountain
7. Someones been telling you stories
8. To the morning
9. Paris Nocturne
10. Nest Time
11. talking/Instrumental
12. Instrumental
13. Cuitar Etude No. 3

1. Talking/Blues
2. talkin out of time
3. Tullamore Dew
4. Same Old Lang Syne
5. Morning Sky
6. Souvenirs
7. Illinois
8. Part of the plan
9. There's a place in the world for a gambler