Dan Fogelberg
The Summit
Houston, Tx.

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Innocent Age tour w/Full band
7/8 out of 10 rating

It seems that this show is broken up by track. Each track fades to a sort of white noise at the end. I also think
that there was originally some banter between Dan and the crowd that has been omitted as there are a few songs that have
"hard starts" one even missing a second or two off the beginning. There are not too many decent sounding Dan bootlegs
out there, and even with it's problems this is one of the better ones.

Disc 1
1. Tullamore Dew/Phoenix
2. Wishing on the moon
3. Times like these
4. The Reach
5. Heart hotels
6. Hard to say
7. Empty Cages
8. Beggars game
9. Crow

Disc 2
1. Instrumental
2. Leader of the band
3. Down the road
4. Shallow rivers
5. Tell me to my face
6. Lost in the sun
7. The last nail
8. Part of the plan
9. Face the fire
10. Place in the world for a gambler

This is the tour where Dan played the arenas. Full band in tow, three hit singles already
with two more to come. The setlist will attest to the "out with the old" philosiphy.
Almost half of this show is from his two previous albums. This is also the tour where the "concrete" setlist
formed that he used right up until his last show. The tour for this album lasted almost two years, and by late 1983
would feature no less than 10 songs of a 20-22 song setlist that were from "The Innocent Age."