Was Mystery Show 21
Hi, Peter - you may already have this information
about Mystery Show 21. Thanks again.


1. Language of Love
2. Wishing on the Moon
3. Heart Hotels
4. The Reach
5. The Last Nail
6. Empty Cages
7. Hard to Say
8. Make Love Stay
9. Sweet Magnolia and the Travelling Salesman
10. Believe in Me
11. Same Old Lang Syne

- break- (at 59 minutes)

12. Down the Road / Morning Sky
13. Run for the Roses
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Dan Fogelberg and the Renegades!"

14. Times Like These
15. Life's Railway to Heaven
16. Tulsa Time
17. Let Her Go

Introduction of the Band

18. Tell Me to My Face
19. As the Raven Flies
20. Part of the Plan]
21. Run Run Run
22. There's a Place in the World for a Gambler

"Goodnight, Houston!" (during ending of #22)

23. Go Down Easy

Dan Fogelberg live 1984


drums: russ kunkel
bass: kenny castorelli
guitar dobro/steel: barry "byrd" burton
guitar vox: mark hallman
keys: michael hanna
drums keys flute: joe vitale
horns percussion: dave delige

B+ Aud recording

Thx karl M for solving this mystery!


Mystery show 21 = Dan Fogelberg show (doesn't seem to be in the zip pack) the show starts with "Language of Love" then slides into "Wishing on the Moon"

Sounded like Dan Fogelberg to me when I spotl-listened but I'm not familiar enough with his work to recognize songs. The show starts with Language Of Love which is one of his songs. Couldn't find any Fogelberg clues on the list though....Heidi

Please send date setlist and venue information to:

Greetings: Hope I have reached the right party. Got your name/address from Sugarmegs, re: Mystery 21 program. This program is clearly from Fogelberg's 1984 Tour; at 48:48, Dan speaks about a new single from his new album, "Believe in Me" from the album Windows and Walls, which was 1984. Is it all one program,or have two been pieced together? It is quite similar to the Oklahoma City 1984 show, but the song order is a bit different, and the final song, "Go Down Easy" seems to have been pieced on at the end -- or it could have been an encore, but I doubt it. Doesn't end like an encore. End of the next to the last song, There's a Place in the World for a Gambler, you can hear Dan saying "Goodnight, Houston", so if it's all one show, then it's Houston, 1984. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing it with us. Old Tennessee Alvin