Dan Fogelberg
July 12, 1985
River Fest, St. Paul
Minnesota, USA

Tapes Received In Trade (Maxell Xlii-90)
Transfer: Sony Tc-We835S>Rca 10 Band Graphic Eq (W/ Spectral Analysis)>Tascam Cdrw-5000 Pro>
Eac>Cdwav>Flac Level 8 W/ Sbe Correction.

Band Show:
Dan Fogelberg - Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Herb Pedersen - Dobro, Banjo
Bill Bryson - Bass
Chris Hillman- Mandolin
John Jorgenson - Guitar

Note: This Is A Nice Outdoor Show From The Opening Day Of The St. Paul River Festival.
Some Bass Distortion Occurs On The Tape And I Only Used The Eq To Drop Some Of The Bass Which Was Peaked Pretty Good...No Idea What Equipment Was Used. It Sounds Like The House Sound Had Problems Throughout The Show,
Feedback On Stage And Such... Especially Some Midrange Crunch During The Piano Songs, Still I Enjoy These Bluegrass Set Type Shows And I Have More To Share.

Disc 1:
Once Upon A Time
Hard To Say
Go Down Easy
The Reach
Run For The Roses
Make Love Stay
Blues Intro
Nature Of The Game
Hearts In Decline
Next Time

Disc 2:
Down The Road
Mountain Pass
Fallen Eagle
Sutter's Mill
The Outlaw
Think Of What You've Done
Introduction Of The Chris Hillman Band
Layla (Piano Interlude)
Same Old Lang Syne
Leader Of The Band
Part Of The Plan
There's A Place In The World (For A Gambler)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken