Dan Fogelberg SDSU's Open Aire Theatre, San Diego, Ca 7-17-92
First show of the tour

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by Third Eye Productions

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01 Phoenix
02 Hearts Hotel
03 Over and Over
04 Rhythm of the Rain
05 As the Raven Flies
06 Morning Sky
07 High Country Snows
08 Longer
09 Statesboro Blues
10 Make Love Stay
11 Banter
12 A Cry in the Forest
13 Run for the Roses
14 Leader of the Band > Washington Post March
15 Band Introduction
16 The Power of Gold
17 The Spirit Trail
18 Missing You
19 The Language of Love
20 Part of the Plan
21 Same Old Lang Syne
22 There's a Place in the World for a Gambler_

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