Dan Fogelberg
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Riverside Theatre
22 June 1997
Solo acoustic

disc one (01:00:55)

1-001 Nexus (4:52)
1-002 Crow (5:17)
1-003 Hard To Say (4:46)
1-004 The Last Nail (6:51)
1-005 To The Morning (7:09)
1-006 Beggar's Game (6:01)
1-007 Make Love Stay (6:30)
1-008 prelude to Nature Of The Game (2:50)
1-009 Nature Of The Game (4:28)
1-010 If I Were A Carpenter (5:53)
1-011 I Need You (6:12)

disc two (00:58:21)

2-001 The Reach (6:20)
2-002 Fire & Ice (5:47)
2-003 Don't Lose Heart (5:32)
2-004 Santa Fe (3:37)
2-005 Todos Santos (4:15) [applause ends abruptly - fade out applied]
2-006 Theme From "Black Orpheus" (5:00) [beginning cut - fade in applied]
2-007 Run For The Roses (4:44)
2-008 Morning Sky (3:17)
2-009 Leader Of The Band (5:06)
2-010 Part Of The Plan (7:50)
2-011 Same Old Lang Syne (6:48)

This is one of two Dan Fogelberg solo performances I will be sharing, on the behalf of johnnieutah, who is unfortunately a victim of Comcast. The second show (Michigan; 4 August 1999) should be up in the next day or so. It's a really nice performance of just Dan, an acoustic guitar, and a nice mix of old and new material.

I received this show from johnnieutah on two CDRs; the files were extracted with EAC, and analyzed for lossiness. It is my understanding that the original recording was probably a cassette, although I can not confirm this. I also can't confirm how many generations this fileset is removed from the master, although based on what I've heard, it couldn't be more than a couple of generations. There is a good dynamic range throughout the recording, and quite a bit of tonal clarity to the sound. I'd really be surprised if it's more than a 2nd-generation recording.

The levels were a bit hot, so I made some subtle adjustments in SoundForge. I balanced the channel levels, and appplied a -6.0dB volume reduction to the applause, which was much louder than the music. Every effort was made to blend the adjusted levels in order to maintain a more consistent flow of music between tracks, without any jarring bursts of sound. The original notes that came with these files suggested that there may have been clicks and pops, but I did not notice anything like that on this set. There were some abrupt cuts between a few tracks, and in those places I applied a fade-out/fade-in between tracks. Rather than attempt any surgical sleight of hand, I opted to ease the transitions between tracks, and leave it at that. It's a live recording, after all, not a polished album. I did, however, shuffle some applause from the start of several tracks to the ends of the previous tracks, so the songs can start near the beginning of each track. I also moved one track from the end of disc 1 to the beginning of disc 2 for this torrent; this was simply done to balance the lengths of the discs.

All said, I hope I did some justice to this recording. It's a nice show with a good energy, finding Dan in good form and good spirits, and not bad sound for the venue. Dan mentions to the audience how surprised he is to find himself still performing music 25 years on, and talks a bit about having taken a hiatus from music for a bit. This should make a nice addition for all the fans that hung in there as long as Dan did. Enjoy!

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Here are the notes I received with this set of discs:

Unknown lineage

Comments: This is another nice solo acoustic show and good sound quality. This should be an upgrade from the previous torrent a little while ago because the other taper said his had some digital noise and clicks between tracks. I did not notice these flaws on this recording. I think the other seeder also listed this as 6/24, but according to a taperís list with many Dan Fogelberg shows (and many I wish I could trade for), he shows 6/24/97 as Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, Indiana and appears to have a 90 min. master cassette recording of it.

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Estimated lineage: original recording > unknown generations (not too many, though!) > CDRs > EAC (extraction; analysis) > HD > SoundForge (editing; levels) > Traders Little Helper (.flac conversion; fingerprints; .md5 checksum file)