Dan Fogelberg

Sokol Blosser Winery
Portland OR

I downloaded this concert a long time ago (probably from Dime) but the original notes have long since disappeared. I have no knowledge of who taped the show or its lineage.

The sound is excellent.

This was the last concert of Dan Fogelberg's first half tour of 1997. The setting was perfect for this concert. The crowd sat on a hill...about 2500 people...set amongst the trees.

Dan certainly seemed ready for a break. Compared to the Wolf Mountain show of July 26, he cut out about 5-6 songs, ending about 25 minutes earlier. Even so, his voice was marvelous, his playing was fantastic and the crowd loved him. One could see as he finished that last chord or two, that he was smiling and ready to wind it all up for awhile. He said he'd be going to Maine in three weeks to do some sailing and then, he'd be picking up the tour again in October.

The Setlist:
1. Nexus 7:13
2. Hard To Say 7:02
3. The Last Nail 6:21
4. To The Morning 8:14
5. Beggar's Game 5:47
6. Make Love Stay 6:14
7. Road Beneath My Wheels 8:07
8. If I Were A Carpenter 5:37
9. I Need You 7:09
10. The Reach 7:37
11. Run For The Roses 5:14
12. Morning Sky 3:18
13. Leader Of The Band 6:11
14. Part Of The Plan 8:06
15. Same Old Lang Syne 7:29