Dan Fogelberg w/ Fool's Gold
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Santa Monica, CA

KMET FM Los Angeles broadcast of a KBFH show.

Includes guest appearences by Joe Walsh and Eagles' members Don Henley & Don Felder. Joe wasn't an Eagle quite yet.

Disc 1:

Set 1:

101-KBFH Opening =>Pioneer Audio Ad =>Scotch Cassettes Ad
102-Intro Fool's Gold => Coming Out Of Hiding (Fool's Gold solo)
103-Rain, Oh, Rain (Fool's Gold solo)
104- Another Old Song
105- Stars
106- Crow
107- Old Tennessee
108- I Was Never Much (Chauvinist Song)
109- Del Buen Pastor - Guitar Instrumental
110- Looking For A Lady
111- To The Morning
112- Song From Half Mountain
113- What In The World
114- Illinois

Set 2:

115- Morning Sky
116- Captured Angel
117- Comes And Goes

Disc 2:

201- Next Time
202- I Will Run (Fools Gold song)
203- Anyway I Love You
204- Big Bad John (sung by Richard Bowden (Baloon Dick))
205- Long Way Home(Live In The Country)
206- Aspen/These Days
207- (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories
208- Part Of The Plan

Encore 1:

209- Band Intros
210-As The Raven Flies (with Joe Walsh)

Encore 2:

211-There's A Place In The World For A Gambler (with Don Henley & Don Felder)
212-KBFH Outro

Notes: I originally had both an incomplete 2 disc version of the show and a 1 disc edited version which had the Fools Gold tracks, but neither were of great quality and I did not end up using either one in putting this version together.

I then traded for an improved 2 disc version of the show from Rich Boretz (Richb77@comcast.net) (see his notes) which included a couple of songs my version didn't have like Big Bad John and a much improved 1 disc edited version with some of the original commercials intact from John (cdtraderjohn@aol.com) in Mass. The only problem with the improved 1 disc version was that there were some skips in one of the encores, As The Raven Flies. I used both Rich's version and John's edited version to put this together.

Rich: I was able to remove all problems (gaps, station ID spots,static) in soundforge, then resample so that the speed is now correct. After all that, it really sounds good! I got this with gaps between some songs, and some station ID spots and a few other small glitches. It had also been transferred to CDR without resampling, so it was slow and low pitched.

Lou: The following tracks were pieced together from John's improved edited single disc version of the show. This source had better quality plus the 2 disc version did not have the 2 Fools Gold songs nor the KBFH Intro & Outro. I also used the opening Pioneer and Scotch ads but left out a couple more during the show which were superfluous from the single disc source:

Disc 1: t01,02,03,07,08,15,16 Disc 2: t05,08,10,11,12

Disc 2, track 10, was pieced together from the original source and the single disc source, as the single disc source had some skips but it was of better quality. Both encore songs are now improved.

Some of the track transitions still sort of fade out and then in a bit and I couldn't see a decent fix for these, so I left them alone. This is probably a result of of commercials or the KBFH announcer being edited out at some point.

Volume levels were raised and normalized in Cool Edit.

All in all, I think we now have a much improved version of what I initially received, both of the 2 disc and 1 disc versions.

FLAC Fingerprints:

101-KBFH Intro_Ads.flac:20f08b89141068f492d87aff5649587b
102-Coming Out Of Hiding.flac:7a6a14b10bfa95198690f006f5539d28
103-Rain Oh Rain.flac:1819662fec81c953c7f0a59f42a625e3
104-Another Old Song.flac:43ad41d594a4a0c3f77e6a05a4803f75
107-Old Tennessee.flac:1b83fe44400bc6f01b21f5908504456c
108-I Was Never Much.flac:8f1d1026335a82a5671e46f7e73246ef
109-Del Pastor.flac:9341aa28422544493bc34ba4f1aa032f
110-Looking For A Lady.flac:056e15e11fa54c26856abe479f2b22f4
111-To The Morning.flac:d681e9d6b10613da97b82618966929d7
112-Song From Half Mountain.flac:0db4e0a2189fd0d67442db3f155e7d25
113-What In The World.flac:9c69e62494121cb4041b3374da096ffc
114- Illinois.flac:180b648d5d61cda0496e59f5b2d96442
115-Morning Sky.flac:6bc532bbfe3ee4825bb927eb6cf4c77b
116-Captured Angel.flac:3fd3663efbc28f6802b24d547c25b796
117-Comes and Goes.flac:f7ad42e8ee088a2f521bb7caa997f1b1

201- Next Time.flac:c713df26b5c0bad416c2fe6a0d42969c
202- I Will Run.flac:ab28a3cecb77d73be8db62006f960a56
203- Anyway I Love You.flac:c5c522a81f6ccfd6f2d6f4f00eb5a6d4
204- Big Bad John.flac:822d683e888481200f776a5d90408e9b
205- Long Way Home(Live In The Country).flac:ec1ca9140e98553564a490f5ac5bbfeb
206- Aspen_These Days.flac:26f0280b3ea6e2ee53874c3a13d69b91
207- (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories.flac:51e7363ae9124f667c16a5b7d7991b7d
208- Part Of The Plan.flac:23f3cef04b5e813e06928f553928e935
209- Band Intros.flac:b1b38bf25e14f6912f74b8cd735f2c47
210-As The Raven Flies.flac:d9758f1c25b4e55bef70910b298a4b70
211-There's A Place In The World For A Gambler.flac:d47e55bf40b10484c808c425c8d539f2
212-KBFH Outro.flac:07b76e1dc94c2a2112a5de0ad55cb6b7