Dan Hicks
Live in Bellingham, Washington
May 19, 1979

There are a couple of girls talking near the microphones.
Not consistent but annoying when it comes around.

01. I Got Mine
02. Gal Pickin� Time
03. The Buzzard Was Their Friend
04. O�Reilly at The Bar
05. A Garden in the Rain
06. Her Eyes Were Meant For Me
07. Dan�s Down Home Blues
08. I Got My Paycheck Today > Missed the Toilet Last Night (a parody of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore") > I Got My Paycheck Today >
09. I Scare Myself (tape flip spliced at 36:48-missing the final moment of a bass note)
10. Avalon (Benny Goodman instrumental)
11. Bottoms Up
12. Dan smokes a cigarette
13. How Can I Miss You If You Won�t Go Away
14. A Crazy Cat (splice at 56:15)
15. Waiting On Love
16. Evening Breeze (a bad glitch from my cassette at 60:39 was reduced in volume and then 0.27 seconds removed)

Audience recording unknown equipment > Cassette copy w/ no Dolby

First Generation cassette > Nakamichi CR-3A w/ no Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro @ 24-44 > Audacity (clean up and 16-44) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 tag editor

While visiting my friend Jerry Wolcott in Bellingham during the summer of 1981 I met someone from a local record store.
Live tapes became a topic and this was the result of the only trade we made.
It is a first generation copy of the master.
Over time I lost track of the taper.

Unknown recording information other than stereo audience.
This copy has the applause sections snipped a second or so after each song ends.
During the editing process I attempted to smooth out these abrupt transitions.

Some individual claps and some microphone bumps were removed during the clean-up process.
Volume and balance adjustments were done as required.
Audacity wave editor was used to do all this and to down convert to 16-44.
No postproduction digital noise reduction or equalization.
Thanks to the original taper whose name I cannot remember after all these years.

Lovely B'ham Washington is such a great place.
Still have fond memories of those college daze living on High Street in the early 70's.
-M- (April 2014)

Recorded By A Fan And Shared With Other Fans
Trade Freely But Please Do Not Sell

Support Dan As He Really Deserves It
Go To His Website And Buy His Cd's Or See Him Play Live

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