Dan Hicks 1998-10-29
Black & White Theater, Middleboro, MA

lineage: SBD>Maxell XLIIs>Soundforge>TLH>Flac8

Dan Hicks, vocals, rhythm guitar
Tom Mitchell, lead guitar

Set 1:

01. Caravan 7 Four Brothers
02. Canned Music
03. Hell I'd Go
04. Strike It While It's Hot
05. I've Got A Capo On My Brain
06. Long Comma Viper
07. I Scare Myself
08. That's The Smoke They're Blowin'
09. The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Set 2:

10. Evening Breeze
11. Cowboy's Dream Number 19
12. Topsy > Swing 42
13. It's Not My Time To Go
14. I Got Mine
15. Payday Blues
16. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
17. Humming To Myself
18. Up Up Up
19. News From Up The Street
Encore 1:
20. The Simple Life
Encore 2:
21. Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia

Second attempt, hope I got it right this time....

I live where there's only dialup available, so my ratio has been from helping others

I've been holding this show until I had hi-speed availability, which I do this week.
Dan Hicks played a small coffeehouse in Middleboro MA in 1998, which was converted

from a Grange Hall. I interviewed Dan for an area daily paper prior to the gig and

later got the sound man to make a cassette tape of the show from the board, which I

have kept since and has never been distributed.
I offer it now with thanks to all those who have helped me build an impressive

collection of music. It has never been heard before and Dan was in fine form, backed

by guitarist Tom Mitchell.
He played my request, which you can hear early in the second set, making a joke of

the note I had left on the front of the stage.
Please don't upload elsewhere, as I hope to pay other debts.