Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks The Barn Brooklyn, Ct. July 29, 2007 Hmmmm...What can I say about this place and recording. First off, this place really WAS a barn. Dirt floor, tin roof, open loft, wide open doors etc., with absolutely no attempt at getting anything to remotely resemble ways to make it accousticaly pleasing. There were so many things wrong here. The first song the stage lights blew a breaker. Once that was restored half the band (Hicks and the Lickettes) lost their monitors. You'll hear them talk about it for the first few songs. This clearly put Dan in a sour mood, so gone are the witty in between songs banter (he did improve later and became fun again) and harmony. Now the recording. I originally set up on the ground floor in what I thought was a great spot. By the time the show started (even the warm-up band) there was so much talking, laughing, hollering and ballyhoo going on from the mostly toothless hillbilly crowd, that any attempt at making even a poor recording was hopeless. I then moved myself into the "nails protruding through the tin roof" loft. Well, from up there you could hear none of the "good" speaker system from the stage. Luckily they did have "some" speakers up there, so all was not lost. What I ended up doing is positioning my gear in the very back of the loft with it pointing at 1 of these speakers. It surprisingly sounds OK, but you can occasionally hear heavy footed people walking by it with their footsteps pounding off the wooden floor. There was also this woman who continually wanted to light candles right by the deck. The technical problems from the stage must have been contagious because I had gear problems as well. At about 40+ minutes into the show the batteries in my deck went belly up. I did have extras with me, but there is about a minute or so lost, making for a nasty cut in disc one. To add to the whole ordeal they served no alcohol, but it was nice that you could bring coolers into the place with your choice of beverages. The bad news is that when it was time to periodically remove these said beverages from your body, there were no rest rooms in the place. What you had to do was go outside to where was setup two honest to god candle lit wooden outhouses. You could easily title last nights show "15 Second Break" this one should be titled "Where's my Monitor and Git Down, Git Down" Nice setlist and despite the whole experience, a really good show. Dan Hicks - Guitar, Vocals Dave Bell - Guitar Paul Smith - Bass Richard Chon - Mandolin, Fiddle Roberta Donnay - Vocals, Kazoo, Assorted Hand Percussions Daria - Vocals, Assorted Hand Percussions Disc 1: Where's My Monitor? 101 Unknown 102 Four or Five Times 103 Canned Music 104 The Blues My Naughty Baby Gave To Me 105 Savin' My Lovin' 106 How Can I Miss You, When You Won't Go Away 107 Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia (cuts during band intros)>fade out> 108 >fade in> Evening Breeze 109 Song For My Father 110 I'm An Old Cowhand 111 Honeysuckle Rose 112 I Scare Myself Disc 2: Git Down, Git Down 201 Milk Shakin' Mama 202 The Buzzard Was Their Friend 203 Jug Band Music 204 'Long Come a Viper 205 Scotch & Soda 206 Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy 207 Payday Blues aud/csb/r09/usb/cep/flac Enjoy!