Dan Hicks & The Acoustic Warriors_San Gregorio Music Festival_San Gregorio, CA _May 29, 1989

Source: Soundboard & Audience mix.
Mixer: Mackie 8 Track.Mics: Neumann KMi84 (Soundboard, X-Y) > BlackBox mic pre.
Recorder: Panasonic SV-250.Transfer: Panasonic 3800 > Edirol UA-5w > PowerMac 733MHz >
Peak 4.1 @ 16/48 Post: Upsampled to 24/96 > Normalized > High Pass Filter (-9db @ 10Hz) >
AIFF 16/44.1 > xACT > FLAC16.

Set List:

01. Intro
02. ????
03. Canned Music
04. I Got Mine
05. Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia
06. The Buzzzard Was Their Friend
07. 4/5 Time
08. Where's The Money?
09. I Scare Myself
10. Milk Shakin' Momma


This was the second San Gregorio music festival,
a beautiful, windy summer day. We did a bit of digital signal processing to bring
the levels up and try and quiet some of the wind noise.
Still need title for track 2.
When it comes to country swing, nobody does it better than Dan Hicks. The Acoustic Warriors,
his band, featured Brian Godchaux, the brother of the late Grateful Dead keyboardist,
on violin. Dan sang many songs from his days with the legendary Hot Licks.

For all who don't know Dan Hick,It'a nice opportuneness to listen it.