Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks
The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
Second Remastered August 2007

source: fm (KMPX) > ??? > cdr > eac > wav > flac
MD5 included

I made some little EQ because the Bass was too loud and adjust the level with Sound Forge 8.0.
I didn't put any filter.SBE's aligned with TLH
I think it's better now for this wonderfull early show of Dan Hicks.

Early Show

01 Intro > Evening Breeze
02 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
03 Caught In The Rain
04 By Hook Or By Crook
05 Presently In The Past
06 I Feel Like Singing
07 I'm Called The Rounder
08 Shorty Falls In Love
09 Reeling Down
10 Where's The Money
11 The Buzzard Was My Friend

Late Show

12 Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia
13 He Don't Care
14 Woe The Luck
15 I'm Called The Rounder
16 Shorty Falls In Love
17 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away

bonus track

18 KSAN Station IDs

Dan Hicks - guitar, vocals, humour

The Hot Licks
Sid Page - violin
Jaime Leopold - Bass
John Girton - guitar

The Lickettes
Naomi Ruth Eisenberg - violin, vocals
Maryann Price (formerly Ginder) - percussion, vocals


- there were a number of dropouts which I have repaired as best I can. Some you will still notice,
some you won't!
- a little light hiss reduction has been applied
- remastered with iZotope Ozone and other plugins


- at the end of t16 you can here some strange voices. Sounds like the radio may have
gone slightly out of tune at that point.
- t17 has a couple of small sections where there is a skipping like artifact

Thanks to SIRMick to post this show in September 2005.

I think is one of the best of DH.