Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Quiet Knight
Chicago IL
10/1 or 10/2 or 10/3-1971

Not sure which night of his 4-night stand at the Quiet Knight. The tape was just
labeled "Chicago 1971" But with comments from "Dan the DJ" tape I put
together the listed possible dates.
Dan's remarks with a person in the audience who was at the previous nights show
would eliminate it being 9/30 the 1st night of this run.

FM broadcast > multi gen cass tape > Sony TC-WE305 > HD via Cdwav > Split tracks Cdwav >
Tags & flac8 via FooBar2000 By DeadTrader 12/2017

01 Intro and Dan Talk
02 Evening Breeze
03 Where's The Money
04 News From Up the Street
05 I Feel Like Singing
06 By Hook or By Crook
07 How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away / Band Intros
08 Shorty Falls In Love
09 I Scare Myself //
10 Crowd / Announcer

// Dropout on tape; end of I Scare Myself missing