Dan Hicks
And The Hot Licks
Roxy Theatre
Hollywood, California
August 31, 2000

Recorded By Mike Martin
Sony Ecm 909E > Sony D6 W/ Dolby
Transfer Of Master
Nakamichi Cr-3A W/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro @ 24/44.1 > Mild Low Frequency Boost And Editing Of Audience Sections With Nero Wave Editor >
Creative Converter (16 Bits) > Tracked With Cd Wav > Flac (Level 8)

Disc One
1. Introduction And Tune-Up
2. Canned Music
3. WhereíS The Money
4. How Come My Cello DoníT Play For You
5. Hell, IíD Go
6. Strike It While ItíS Hot
7. Somebody Tell Me The Truth
8. The Buzzard Was Their Friend
9. IíVe Got A Capo On My Brain
10. Big Band Medley
(Caravan / Four Brothers)
Running Time: 56 Minutes 30 Seconds

Disc Two
1. At The End Of A Love Affair
2. I Scare Myself
3. DoníT Brush My Teeth Much Anymore
4. The Piano Has Been Drinking
5. I DoníT Want Love
6. How Can I Miss You When You WoníT Go Away
7. Driftiní
8. Four Or Five Times
9. Milk Shakiní Mama >
10. (Chattanooga) Shoe-Shine Boy
Running Time: 59 Minutes 53 Seconds

Dan Is Always So Much Fun.
His Sarcastic Wit Always Gets Me.
And I Just Love His Folk-Swing Style Of Music.
The Roxy Is A Small Club (500?) On The Sunset Strip In Hollywood.
Always One Of My Favorite Places To Record.
Sat About 10-15 Feet From The Stage.

These Stereo Mics Are Lacking In Low Frequency
When I Made This I Boosted The Low End A Little Bit To Compensate.
Sounds Close And Clear.
Mike Martin 9/2010
Flying M Productions

Taped By Fans And Shared With Fans
Trade Freely But Please Never Sell

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