Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks
2009-03-21 (Sat)
KPIG Studios
San Francisco, Ca USA

Proton RS-330 receiver (AM) line out >
Tascam DA-P1 (DAT 16/48)
transfer: Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB >
Samplitude 6.0 (16/44.1) > CDWav > flac 6

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

d1t01 announcer intro > interview (Tim Lynch & Dan)
d1t02 The Blues My Naughty Baby Gave To Me
d1t03 interview
d1t04 Song From My Father
d1t05 interview
d1t06 The Diplomat
d1t07 announcer > song intro
d1t08 Who Are You, Where Are You Going, What's Your Sign
d1t09 announcer > song intro
d1t10 13-D
d1t11 announcer outro