Dan Hicks & Turtle VanDeMarr
Veterans Memorial Theater
Davis, CA
Early & Late shows

Low gen SBD Cass > Sony TC-WE305 > HD via Cdwav > Split tracks Cdwav >
Tags & flac8 via FooBar2000 By DeadTrader 11/2017

Early Show

01 I Got Mine
02 Peach Pickin' Time
03 It's Only Fair
04 Long Come a Viper
05 I Scare Myself
06 Crazy Cause He Is
07 Bottoms Up **
08 Intro into T.B.w.T.F
09 The Buzzard was Their Friend
(tape flip)
10 Dan Talk
11 I Wear a 13D
12 Evening Breeze

Late Show

01 Canned Music
02 The Buzzard Was Their Friend
03 Payday Blues
04 I'm Doin' It Right
05 Ain't Misbehavin / Honeysuckle Rose
06 Lulu's Back in Town
07 I Scare Myself
08 I Wear a 13D
09 Bottoms Up
10 O'Reilly At the Bar (End of Tape)

** Drop out between Bottoms Up and Buzzard

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