Dan Hicks & Marcia Ball
"Mountain Stage"
Charleston, WV
May 17, 1992

Low-Gen FM cass > transfer and tracking via Cd Wav Editor output flac 8 (2016). Tagging; Foobar 2000. All fades and editing are artifacts of the tape.

The etreedb.org entry lists "May 1993" as this performance's date, but a roster of acts appearing on "Mountain Stage" lists "May 17, 1992" = http://www.wvpbmedia.com/docs/ms/MS_Guest_Artist_List_old.pdf

Dan Hicks:
01. I Wear A 13-D > Doin' It
02. The Milkman Is My Boy
03. Canned Music

Marcia Ball:
04. Everything But You

Dan Hicks:
05. How Can I Miss You If Won't Go Away?
06. Peach-Pickin' Time

Marcia Ball:
07. That's Enough Of That Stuff
08. The Facts Of Life
09. Mobile
10. Saint Gabriel
11. Goin' Down The Road

Dan Hicks & Marcia Ball:
12. Milkcow Blues


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