Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
Bremen, Germany
14th October 1999

A few months ago traink gave me a box full of DAT tapes.
Reelclasio did a 16/48 transfer. I did some minor editing, tracked the files, flaced them etc.and finally share them.

Source: FM via satellite (?)-> DAT (16bit/44.1kHz)
Clone of the master
Lineage: DAT Cassette > Pioneer D-05 > Hucht > Tascam SS-R1 Compact Flash Card
> PC > Samplitude 11

Dan Penn- vocals, acoustic guitar
Spooner oldham- vocals, keyboard

Disc One [01:12:15]
1. I'm Your Puppet (has many drop-outs)
2. Sweet Inspiration
3. Cry Like A Baby
4. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
5. I Met Her In Church
6. Lonely Women Make Good Lovers <Freddy Weller/Spooner Oldham>
7. It Tears Me Up
8. Dark End Of The Street
9. Banter
10. You Left The Water Running
11. A Woman Left Lonely
12. I'm Living Good
13. Spend Some Time With The Old Folks
14. Nobody's Fool
15. Zero Willpower
16. Hello Memphis
17. Rainbow Road
18. Goodbye London

Disc Two [19:17]
1. Song intro
2. These Bars Made A Prisoner Out Of Me <Freddy Weller/Spooner Oldham>
3. Memphis Women Fried Chicken
4. Song intro
5. I Do
6. Out Of Left Field

All songs written by Dan Penn except where noted