Dana Fuchs
"Who says Friday the 13th is Bad Luck"

Lineage: Internal Mics > Ls-20M @24-96>Sdhc(class 10) > PC (Cool Edit Pro) > TLH (sbeok: Flac 8) > you

A 24-96 version exists of this performance exists.

Taped..edited..transfered by Dragonz

Track List:
T01 Almost Home 6:07
T02 Love to Beg 5:13
T03 Faster Than You Can 3:37
T04 Songbird>People Get Ready>Songbird 11:09
T05 Dana Speak 2:45
T06 Keepsake 3:45
T07 Dana Speak 3:57
T08 Sad Salvation 4:46
T09 Dana Speak 1:04
T10 Bible Baby>Ring Of Fire>Bible Baby 7:47
T11 Dana Speak 1:33
T12 God's Song 6:01
T13 Superman 10:37
T14 Dana Speak 2:54
T15 Misery 5:50
T16 Helter Skelter 9:30

T17 I'd Rather Go Blind 8:01

Dana Fuchs is an amazing artist. Along with Jon Diamond it is a show that you won't soon forget and will definitely be leaving wanting more. The more intimate the show the more charged she becomes. Epharata was the place to see her. Talking with the fans and not to the fans (That is always her style, please never change Dana). She had Tim Luntzel, Rosanne Cash's bass player performing. Her solution,when her bass player could not make the trip. Afterwords a hug and smile for everyone that wanted to take the time to say hello. You leave her shows not just being entertained, but you make a friend that happens to sing.

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Never trade mp3's.
Personally what ever you do for personal use and for your friends is cool by me.

Most importantly always support the artist.