Dana Fuchs Band 2013-09-23 Bonn [GER] Harmonie

Dana Fuchs: vocals, percusions
Jon Diamond : guitar
Walter Latupeirissa: bass
Piero Perelli: drums
Bob Fritzdema: keyboards

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"That's a good sight for a Monday ! THANK YOU BONN !"
with this words started Dana her concert in the good filled Harmonie.
Who knows Dana, know also that she share all her heart and soul on each concert with the audience,
but it's not only that, her performances are honesty and so much filled with emotions
that she get really inside our hearts.
Whatever story she tell in her songs, if it's a rocking protest song against church or a deep emotion song
of missed people, it feels like we are on a journey with her.
Her voice is incredible one of the best !
Also very amazing -Bob Fritzdema- on keyboard (newest member of the band) is a great adding to Dana Fuchs Band!
This concert included mostly titles from her new album "Bliss Avenue" and they convinced everybody :-)
Not to forget to tell about a fantastic bass & drum solo on Keep on Walking - a MUST LISTENING !
Definetifely, we brought our hearts together this night again !


01 Waiting for Dana

02 Almost Home

03 Bliss Avenue

04 How Did Things Get This Way (inc. keyboard solo)

05 Handful To Many

06 Living On Sunday

07 So Hard To Move

08 Rodents In The Attic

09 Nothing On My Mind (inc.keyboad solo)

10 Dana talks

11 Long Long Game

12 encore clappings

13 Moment Away

14 Gimme Shelter

15 Keep On Walking (inc. fantastic bass & drum solo)

16 Thanks & Goodbye

running time: 86min 21sec

*take a 800MB(90min) CD-ROM to burn on one CD

there are lot of videos from this evening to see on YouTube,
i collected them in a playlist:

More about Dana Fuchs Band:

Enjoy ;-)

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