Dana Gillespie Blues Band - Dover Street Wine Bar,London, England 1984.07.16 never circulated aud cassette master FLAC

SONY WD6 Professional Walkman
Sony ECM 909 MIC
Maxell MX90 cassette

Played from new JVC TD-W718 deck TO Adobe Audition, dolby off.
Slight hiss reduction/tracks split/fades/wavs saved as FLAC level 8
FLAC fingerprint file in Traders Little helper

This astonishingly buxom lady appeared in fairly dire British horror films back in the 1960s but moved on to better things in da blues. Appearing in a small room above a wine bar she strutted through her self confessed repetoire of blues songs - filth on stage for all!!

Set list

01 Instrumental (fades in)
02 He's dynamite
03 Main line baby/Choo Choo Ch'boogie
04 Bumble bee blues
05 Big ten inch!
06 Cool operator
07 Slap track rabbit??
08 Spoonful
09 A lotta what you you got
10 Drinking wine spodi-odi