The Dandy Warhols - Rocher de Palmer, Cenon (Bordeaux suburb), France, 2012-12-04

(w/ The Blue Angel Lounge)


Sony ECM-717 > Edirol R09 (WAV 44.1 / 16) > Adobe Audition 1.5 > TLH > FLAC
Recorded by Linkerman


Courtney Taylor-Taylor � vocals, guitar
Peter Holmstr�m � electric guitar
Zia McCabe � keyboards, bass, backing vocals
Brent DeBoer � drums, percussion, backing vocals

Set List:

01 Be-In
02 We Used To Be Friends
03 Not If You Were The Las Junkie On Earth
04 I Love You
05 Good Morning
06 Autumn Carnival
07 You Were The Last High
08 Holding Me Up
09 Well They're Gone
10 You Come In Burned
11 Sad vacation
12 Solid
13 Bohemian Like You
14 Get Off
15 Boys Better
16 Genius
17 Country Leaver

12 years after their last Bordeaux concert the Dandy Warhols are back in town.
Great concert and recording (if you forget the usual idiots gibberishing on low volume moments).