Dandy Warhols
Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN
May 05, 2014


SOURCE: mbho603a/ka200 > Naiant Adaptor cables > Naiant Tinybox > edirol r09 (24/48)
PROCESSING: soundforge 9.0 (tracking, fades, resample, dither) >
traders little helper > flac level 8
Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Be-In
d1t03 Everyone Is Totally Insane
d1t04 We Used To Be Friends
d1t05 Ride
d1t06 The Legend Of The Last Of The Outlaw Truckers
d1t07 I Love You
d1t08 Intensified
d1t09 Crack Cocaine Rager
d1t10 Happy Birthday (to Leslie)
d1t11 The Last High (aborted)
d1t12 The Last High
d1t13 Sad Vacation
d1t14 Well They're Gone
d1t15 Everyday Should Be A Holiday
d2t01 Holding Me Up
d2t02 Horse Pills
d2t03 Bohemian Like You
d2t04 Get Off
d2t05 White Gold
d2t06 Godless
d2t07 Pete International Airport
d2t08 Boys Better


d2t09 There's A Daisy On My Toe

notes: good show by the Dandy’s, my first time in Nashville…. don’t know whether
it was a Nashville thing or a Dandy’s fans thing, but there was a LOT of chatter
throughout the show, you’ll hear some of it….. Courtney messed up his chord sequence
during the first attempt at “The Last High”, so they started that one over, and
the “Happy Birthday” track was sung to someone named Leslie… I thought Courtney’s
guitar could’ve been higher in the mix at times…. lastly, you get to hear my douchey
attempt to describe to a friend how some chick was dancing, she had me mesmerized as
she was moving to the feedback that I thought had ended the show…. so the house music
comes up, I think the show is done, and I start to tell my friend about the
“dancing queen” when the music cuts out and Zia comes back out to do an a capella
rendition of a song that apparently is a girl scout camp staple…

as always:
do not sell
do trade freely