Dandy Warhols
The Ritz
Manchester, UK
June 29, 2014


SOURCE: mbho603a/ka200 > Naiant Adaptor cables > Naiant Tinybox > Roland r05 (24/48)
PROCESSING: soundforge 9.0 (tracking, fades, resample, dither) >
traders little helper > flac level 8
Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Mohammed
d1t03 We Used To Be Friends
d1t04 Ride
d1t05 Everyone Is Totally Insane
d1t06 The Last High
d1t07 (Tony, This Song Is Called) Lou Weed
d1t08 Minnesoter
d1t09 I Love You
d1t10 Intensified
d1t11 Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
d1t12 Horse Pills
d1t13 Crack Cocaine Rager
d1t14 All The Girls In London
d2t01 Holding Me Up
d2t02 Sad Vacation
d2t03 Bohemian Like You
d2t04 Get Off
d2t05 Godless
d2t06 Pete International Airport
d2t07 Boys Better

Notes: man, I'm lucky I even made it to this show at all.... was flying overnight to
the UK from home, was supposed to get into London about 10am the day of the show......
I had noticed this show on the Dandy's website, and since I had a Britrail pass anyway,
there was no reason not to just hop a train and head up to Manchester and catch it....
I didn't have to be anywhere until the next day, and I figured that
everything (beer, hotels, etc) is cheaper in Manchester than London, anyway....
figured it'd take about 4 1/2 hours after landing to make the entire journey from Heathrow
to London and then to Manchester, between getting through customs and catching various trains...
however, as I was getting ready to leave, I get an email that my flight was going to be
delayed around 5 hours, getting me into London about 2:30pm instead of 10am..... I
ended up being right in terms of my original Heathrow to Manchester estimate and I rolled
into Manchester at 7pm, which is when the doors opened for the show.... a friend met me
at the train station, a quick 1/2 mile walk to the hotel that was right around the corner
from the Ritz, and we were in and ready to go just as the opener, Dark Horses, started
playing about 8pm..... whew!!... an added bonus was that after the show, we wandered over
to the Salisbury to have a few post-show drinks and about an hour later, Courtney and Brent
walked in and hung out for a little while, which was kinda cool....

as always:
please don't sell
please do trade freely