Daniel Amos
Edina East Community Center
Edina, MN
November 12, 1982

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Total time: 92:12

Disc 1
1. Who Is It? (1:58)
2. I Love You #19 (3:21)
3. I'm On Your Team (2:41)
4. talking (2:28)
5. Mall (All Over The World) (3:13)
6. Ghost OF The Heart (2:40)
7. talking (4:51)
8. Baby Game (2:52)
9. talking (0:52)
10. Faces To The Window (2:37)
11. Hit Them (With Love) (2:31)
12. Big Time / Big Deal (2:58)
13. talking & surf music about surfing (8:39)
14. Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys) > Wipe Out (The Surfaris) > (near sighted girl with approaching) Tidal Wave > (5:08)

Disc 2
1. Endless Summer (2:59)
2. talking (5:41)
3. Hound of Heaven / band introductions + talking (8:57)
4. Colored By (6:44)
5. I Didn't Build it for Me (3:45)
6. giving audience instructions for next song (5:35)
7. New Car! (2:14)
8. I Love You #19 (Reprise) (2:05)
9. Alarma! (3:08)
10. Walls of Doubt (4:17)

Terry Taylor - lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Jerry Chamberlain - lead guitar
Ed McTaggart - drums
Tim Chandler - bass

There is limited information available on this concert at danielamos.com. The 1982 timeline page (http://www.danielamos.com/timeline82.html) mentions this concert with the following excerpt: At one point during the show, someone yells out "Happily Married Man", to which Terry replies "We don't do that - that's a different band." Not too much time passes until another audience member yells out an unrecognizable country request and Terry answers by saying "We burned those hats a long time ago..." This exchange occurs on track 2 of disc 2, confirming that this is in fact the 1982 Edina concert, and not the official release "Live Bootleg '82," which comes from the April 30th show in St. Louis.

There is also a setlist for this concert on the official website (http://www.danielamos.com/concerts/edina82.html), but one song is incorrect. The website lists "Through the Speakers" after "Hit Them With Love", when in fact they play "Big Time / Big Deal."

Terry does a lot of talking in this concert, but he covers some interesting ground: some personal stories, backwards masking, the Christian new wave dancing scene in California (with a mention of the bands Lifesavors and Undercover), and frustrations with Christian radio.