Daniel Denecke
8th German Neil Young Camp
Schafstall in Amelinghausen, Germany
June 14th 2008

Lineage: SBD => iRIVER H320 (ROCKboxed) => USB => SoundBlaster X-Fi => Adobe Audition 2.0 => Wav => FlacFrontend (level 6 - Align on sector boundaries)

01. intro (Jürgen Koeslin)
02. Talk, Talk, Talk
03. Let's Stop The Rain

Daniel Denecke - guitar, vocal

Since the first Neil Young Camp in Norderbrarup back in 1994, the event has returned every second year. Nice people and fine music - mainly Neil Young covers.
This year I recorded most of the acts and promised to share the recordings.
Thanks to Milan for the sbd-feed, to the bands for allowing to tape, to Jürgen for organizing this camp - and to Klaus and Rüdiger for initializing the idea and organizing the first two camps back in 1994 and 1996.
You will be able to DL these concerts here on DIME:
June 13th 2008: Johnny Yuma & Lazy Buffalo
June 13th 2008: Unknown Legends: Antje & Mike akustisch
June 14th 2008: Bozz Rock Band
June 14th 2008: Philip Bölter & Purple Rain
June 14th 2008: Daniel Denecke
June 14th 2008: Campaigner
June 14th 2008: Change Partners

Flac fingerprints: