Luke Daniels (melodeon) & John Dipper (fiddle) perform and talk on BBC Radio 3 "In Tune" 2011.09.21 FLAC master

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As fiddler John Dipper and melodeon player Luke Daniels embark on their English tour this Autumn, the duo will perform music from their new project 'Sun Stations' live in the studio and chat to presenter Sean Rafferty about their unique take on the strange rural customs and the hidden history of our ritual year.

"Stations of the Sun is a new multi-media educational project planned for the summer term that will culminate in 12 public performances this autumn. The project involves Luke Daniels and John Dipper, pupils from Brimpton and Beenham primary schools, West Berkshire Council and Reading’s Museum of English Rural Life.

Young people and communities in West Berkshire will co-produce new music exploring a forgotten cycle of local traditional festivals and rituals. Through a combination of live music, recorded sound, images and spoken word, this award-winning duo present their unique take on strange rural customs and the hidden history of our ritual year. Ingenious assimilation of shared musical sources into arresting new folk music will provide audiences with a concurrent view of local culture spanning half a millennium of recorded local history.

A potent blend of English folk, new music and a lively show exploring our forgotten traditional calendar and annual festivals.

We want to work with two rural communities and the local music services in West Berkshire to develop their particular strengths in the arts and culture by co-producing, with local young people, a series of short musical works that will explore their forgotten cycle of local traditional festivals. Recorded interviews with older people from their communities, and their own research will help create a photographic and audio archive of local tunes and songs as source material that will inspire our new work.

Join us for an enjoyable evening in which we update our festive cycle’s original soundtrack, plotting the stations of the sun to discover a wealth of music that will stimulate the appetites of all ages for English traditional culture."

01 Introduction

02 Wedding of Blythe; Up the sides and down the middle/ Honest Intentions (after Guy Fawkes)

03 Talk

04 Paschal Moon

05 Talk

06 Twelfth Tide

07 Outro

Luke Daniels.......melodeon
John Dipper........fiddle