Danko, Manuel & Hudson
1995.01.03 (early show)
Lone Star Cafe, NYC
(Cassette sbd master)

The Recording:
Master: soundboard > sony tcd-5m (dolby "b" on)
Copy: master cassette > nakamichi cr-7a > sony sbm-1 > HHB CDR recorder
Clone: FLAC files extracted from CDR via Fission

The Performers:
Rick Danko: guitar, vocals
Richard Manuel: piano, vocals
Garth Hudson: keyboards
Daniel Brubeck: drums
David Mason: guitar

The Set List:
01 tuning
02 Crazy Mama
03 The Rumor
04 tuning
05 The Shape I'm In
06 Stage Fright
07 She Knows
08 Unfaithful Servant
09 Across The Divide
10 Long Black Veil
11 band intros
12 Chest Fever > Chest Fever
13 The Weight (false start) / tuning
14 The Weight
15 Tuning
16 I Shall Be Released