Danny and Dusty
O.N. Klub, Hollywood, CA
February 9, 1985

sbd -> master cassette -> cdr -> cdr trade -> Nero(transfer to hard drive) -> flac(level 8)

1. Send Me a Postcard
2. Miracle Mile
3. Bend in the Road
4. Song for the Dreamers
5. Down to the Bone
6. The King of the Losers
7. Baby, We All Gotta Go Down
8. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (cuts)

Total time: 46:11

This show has been circulating in Steve Wynn trading circles for some time. All copies that I have encountered have the cut at the end
of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" and thus, are all derived from the same master tape. This tape suffers from a number of flaws.
1. There are volume changes in "Send Me a Postacard" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door".
2. Following the volume change in Postcard, the volume levels were set too high and the bass was much too prominent in the mix. As
a result, there is some minor distortion. These problems continue until "Song for the Dreamers" when they were corrrected.

This show was uploaded on DIME in 2006, claiming to be a transfer from a first generation tape. I have serious reservations about that
claim. This torrent is derived directly from the master (which was recorded on very low quality tape), all other copies seem to be
derived from Steve Wynn's 1st gen copy. So, this is definitely an upgrade. The transfer is excellent. There is no clipping and no attempt
was made to fix any of the problems with the master tape.

The previous torrent did not include a date for the show, and credited the venue to the On Club. This information was not completely
correct. The O.N. Klub originally was located on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, but this show took place in a new location in Hollywood:
an old Trailways Bus Station. A xerox of the original ad for the show is part of the torrent.

This show took place shortly before the release of the Danny & Dusty LP on A&M records. The Long Ryders were the headlining act
that night.

The personnel is the same as on the LP

Steve Wynn -- guitar / vocals
Dan Stuart -- guitar / vocals
Chris Cacavas -- keyboards
Tom Stevens -- bass
Sid Griffin -- guitar
Stephen McCarthy -- guitar
Dennis Duck -- drums

During the show Steve Wynn referes to Danny Thomas of the 13th Floor Elevators and says he was the lead guitarist. Not exactly.
Danny Thomas was the drummer.

Uploaded June 10, 2007 by dclubok

Danny & Dusty on archive.org:

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