Danny and Dusty

taping, transfer and flac by robert E
OKM (mark1)--edirol 09- >sd-card --> HD- cdwave split--> flac

i received the flacs as data disc and upload as they were sent

CD 1 show:
01. Instrumental intro
02. The Good Old Days
03. Song For The Dreamers
04. New York City Lullaby
05. Cast Iron Soul
06. Miracle Mile
07. Last Of The Only Ones
08. JD's Blues
09. Thanksgiving Day
10. Warren Oates
11. Raise The Roof
12. Let's Hide Away
13. Down To The Bone
14. Hold Your Mud
15. Send Me A Postcard


01. band introduction
02. The King Of The Losers
03. That's What Brought Me Here
04. The Word Is Out
05. Bend In The Road
06. The Last Time ("waylon jennings version take 1)
07 The Last Time
08. Baby, We All Gotta Go Down

The band:
Steve Wynn - vocals,harp, guitar
Dan Stuart - vocals, guitar
Stephen McCarthy - guitar, vocals, ky on t 11
Chris Cacavas - keyboards, vocals, gtr on t 11
Bob Rupe - bass
Linda Pitmon -drums

this is a very fine aud recording considering that robert stated the sound was much boomier in the location then it appears on his recording-- also the always noisy frankfurt crowd is not too much present here .

this is meant to become a part of the steve wynn archive and you can do whatever you want with it but do not sell nor spread mp3 copies

all thanks to robert for taping !-----------------------uploaded to dime by hanwaker 08-07