Every so often you go to a gig and it's everything you want. Well, at Palmfest 2013 you couldn't go wrong!!! Eleven acts crammed into one day, alternating between two stages one being outdoors, set in a great venue with excellent food and some great beers to boot!!!
This is the final set of the day - and what a set it was too. This band reminds me of everyone!! It's fast and furious, and gentle and swaying. From springsteen to Stax - it's all here. great mood, great banter and great great music!!


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Danny & The Champions
"Palmfest - 2013"
The Palmeira, Hove, Sx
1 June 2013

CA14 cards > CA9100 > Edirol R-09 > usb > Cool Edit Pro
> CD Wave > TLH > Flac
Recorded, transferred, edited etc by: bluesmick

1. (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket*
2. Cold Cold World
3. Colonel And The King
4. y'awright? > false start
5. Darlin' Won't You Come In From The Cold
6. Stop Thief
7. Other Days (includes intros)
8. Every Beat Of My Heart
9. You Don't Know (My Heart Is In The Right Place)
10. banter, tuning, thanks
11. These Days
12. audience, outro

Total Time 66:05
*has a 2sec blur 1min in

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