Danny Barnes and Nick Forster
The Festy Experience 8
Infinity Downs - Skyline Tent Stage
Arrington, VA

SRC: AKG-C480B's (CK-61 cards) directly in front of stacks > Tascam DR-40 > 24 bit/96 khz WAV
Lineage: Resampled to 44.1 khz (steep curve, very high quality, min. phase) and rendered to 16 bit (dithering (shibata filter)) in SoX > FLAC

1. Intro
2. Overdue
3. Factory Girl
4. Trouble in Mind
5. Rockwood Deer Chase
6. The Shadows in My Room
7. Charlie
8. ?
9. Black Diamond
10.Get it While You Can
11.I'm Going to Jackson (Going to Festy)
12.Country Blues
13.Pizza Box
14.Midnight on the Highway