Danny Gatton
"Grog and Tankard"
Washington, DC
1989-00-00 (Uknown Exact)

Geetarz 223/224 - CD-R2 - SB 6


Disc 1:
Good Rockin' at Midnight
Blues Newburg
Mustang Sally
Whole Lotta' Lovin'
Pretty Blue
Hey, Good Lookin'

Disc 2:
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Harlem Nocturne
Mister Sandman (Bring Me a Dream)
Sea Cruise
Kissable You
Sky King
Red Label
(band introductions)
Yesterday I Stopped Lovin' You

The Band:
Dave Elliott - Drums
Chris Battistone - Trumpet
Phil Berlin Tenor Sax
Bruce Swaim - Tenor Sax
John Prevetti - Bass
Billy Windsor - Vocals
Danny Gatton - "Telecaster Guitar With 2 Pickups"

Geetarz Comments:

I received this on DAT, unknown exact source, but I'd guess it's directly off a master. Given the year it's likely a cassette master, but might be DAT, who knows?

The version I received was a raw dump, no track IDs or breaks. I didn't do any "remastering" per se, just normalization. Interestingly, the first set (Disc 1) was already at about 98%, but the second set was a little lower, so there was more normalization on the second set.

But, no tweaking, EQing, compression, or any of that kind of stuff was done.

Unknown SBD > DAT > PC > Sound Forge 9.0e (Normalize, trim) > CDWav (Tracking) > FLAC (8) > You !

This is all the information I have about this gig, if you have any to offer please bring it on.


~Geetarz, November 2009