Danny Gatton Harrisburg, Pennsylvania May 28, 1991 CD-R1 - SB 5 Track List: 1. Funky Mama 2. Memphis, Tennessee 3. Blues Newburg 4. Elmira Street Boogie 5. Funhouse 6. Mustang Sally 7. Pretty Blue 8. Gold Rush 9. Boogie Woogie Boogie 10. Seven Come Eleven Geetarz Comments: Lineage: CD-R (Trade, Unknown) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure) > FLAC (8) > You ! One of my fave performances, a personal favorite and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. We all talk about just enjoying "good music", but few people really live up to that ideal. People seem to like things that are easily categorized, and Danny's music could never be defined that way. Here in just this short set, we veer from country-tinged hard blues, Telecaster Madness, into a reworking of Chuck Berry's "Memphis, Tennessee". "Blues Newburg" is a blues, no doubt, but it's jazz tinged. The apltly titled "Elmira Street Boogie" owes much to 30s and 40s swing bands as it does to "jump blues" and rockabilly. "Funhouse" comes from a jazz direction but with pop sensibilities, and "Pretty Blue" is jazz - or is it blues - with a chicken fried coating. Perhaps the best explaination here is offered by Danny himself in his introduction to "Gold Rush", to wit: "Gold Rush ... look out, this is a weird tune coming up ... you never heard this before - of course, you probably never heard a lot of these before! Originally, this song was by Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, and it went, originally, was like this, on banjo and fiddle [plays a bit]. You get the idea? I got the idea to mix this thing up with a little southern rock thing, then we jump over to Scotland for a little while, play the bagpipes. But there's also a little ... what the hell's the name of that song ... "Battle of 1814" or who cares what the name of it is ... I'll just play it and see if you can comprehend it, it's difficult enough for me!" That pretty much sums it up, Danny was, to me, the ultimate "Melting Pot", you add all good music together and you get "Danny Gatton". Danny's music deserves a wider audience - share with a friend! As always, TRADE ONLY; NOT FOR $ALE ! Please direct your browser to www.dannygatton.com and support his family by buying the official releases. Enjoy! ~Geetarz, November 2009 www.geetarz.org