Danny Gatton
"Austin City Limits"
Recorded at KLRU-TV
University of Texas, Austin
24 October 1991

CD-R1 - Geetarz #225 - SB 6


Track List:
Funky Mama
Sun Records Medley
Red Label
Honky Tonk Country Girl

The Band:
Danny Gatton - Guitar
Billy Windsor - Vocals, Guitar
Shannon Ford - Drums
John Prevetti - Bass
Bill Holloman - Keys, Horns

Geetarz Comments:

Here we have Danny Gatton's legendary performance on "Austin City Limits". This was a pivotal "breakthrough" for Danny, as evidenced by the announcer's introduction of him as "The man they used to call the world's best unknown Guitarist ... until now".

The band played for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes - unfortunately, only four songs were broadcast. Luckily, the ACL editors chose some representative material that showcased the range of music played by this dynamic band.

For a really fascinating look behind the scenes at this tour, read Brian Alpert's journal at http://rhumba.com/frames/concertframe.html. Brian was the drummer on most of this tour run (Ford came in specifically for the ACL performance). Danny, while a musical genius, was his own worst enemy in some ways, always reluctant to tour and do the gigs that would bring success.

One can only hope that someday the full performance will see official release as testament to one of the finest players of all time. In the meantime, please enjoy this!

Sourced from master VHS > DAT > Geetarz Remastering, November 2009 (Sound Forge 9.0e, very light noise reduction, normalize to 98%, edits / fades) > CDWav > FLAC (8) > You !!

Please note, there is a NTSC DVD of this performance (Geetarz DVD#300) with ac3 audio - this is *not* sourced from the lossy DVD audio, but from an analog source.

As always, please direct your browsers to www.dannygatton.com, buy what is available, and support his family.

~Geetarz, November 2009