Danny Gatton & Funhouse
King of France Tavern
Annapolis Inn
Annapolis, Maryland
January, 1989
(Late Show)


I've been thinking about Danny Gatton lately so here we go with one of my favorite Danny Gatton shows which is one
of the few audience tapes I've heard that's at least the equal of a soundboard. I traded this with a
certain creep in California who bootlegged the CD as "Live At Annapolis" (sic). I've heard the boot and this
is much better sounding, trust me. In return, I have grabbed most of the setlist from the boot since putting together
setlists for Danny's live shows is the hardest thing about uploading them - he was liable to play anything at
any moment. I think Danny says "The Breakthrough" for the first tune but I'm not sure. If anyone ever asks you
who the heck Danny Gatton was and what could he do, this will provide the answer. By the way, Funhouse was his
jazz band, although maybe calling it his "horn band" would be more accurate. I have included a Lightscribe disc
label for anyone who's into that. Enjoy this great show!

The Band:

Danny Gatton - Telecaster
John Previti - Bass
Barry Hart - Drums
Bruce Swaim - Tenor Saxophone
Chris Battistone - Trumpet
Phil Berlin - Tenor Saxophone


1) The Breakthrough (?) (fade in)

2) Rainbow Riot

3) Red Label

4) Rocky & Bullwinkle Theme

5) Sleep Walk

6) Deep Feelings

7) Rambunctious

8) Take The A Train


2nd generation tape (master cassette > 1st generation cassette > VHS HiFi Tape) > TASCAM CDRW 2000 > CD-R > EAC
(Note: since the CD-R is from the VHS HiFi tape, it's a 1st generation source in all but name)