Johnny Seaton w/ Danny Gatton
Club Sabra
Washington, DC
February 10, 1984

From master audience recording ( unknown taper- got this in trade many years ago).
B/B- sound…very listenable. Vocals can be tough to understand; Danny’s guitar playing comes through loud and clear..
WARNING: There are occasional “pops” and “crackles”, they’re on my copy, too. I have no idea how to remove them so, for now, they’re still there.
From Audience cassette master (Audio Technica 9400 stereo mic) > Sony TCS350 > CDR

Disc One
First Set
1 Rockin’ Man
2 Uptown
3 Don’t Play With Me
4 Burnin’ Up ( title?? Jerry Lee Lewis)
5 It’s Only Make Believe (Conway Twitty)
6 ???????
7 I Want Your Lovin’ Yes Indeed ( title?? Gene Vincent)
8 All Messed Up
9 Instrumental (Gatton feature)
10 Barbara Jean
11 Right String Wrong YoYo
12 ??????
13 ??????
Second Set
14 Reaction
15 Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
16 Right Now
17 Get With It (Charlie Feathers)
18 Rock Therapy
19 Like A Baby

Disc Two
Second Set (cont)
20 Rave On
22 (title?? Roy Orbison song)
23 Sleepwalk
24 You’re Just Wastin’ My Time
25 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
26 She Knows How to Rock Me ( title?)
27 Framed
28 Fire
29 Blue Monday
30 Didn’t We Have a Party?
31 Sun Medley (Mystery Train> My Baby Left Me> That’s Alright