Danny Gatton W/The Nighthawks
Club Sunrise,
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD

Length: 83 Min
Source: Audience
Origin: CDR Trade

Lineage: Unknown CDR copy > EAC > WAV > Flac level 8

Size: 867 MB
FLAC Compressed: 552 MB

Disc 1 - 42 Min
Set 1
1. Push Comes To Shove 3:38
2. Jenny Lou 2:42
3. Pretty Girls & Cadillac's 5:27
4. Born In Chicago 4:32
5. Route 66 5:25
Set 2
6. Aley Cat Blues 2:54
7. Back Stabbin' Woman 3:42
8. You Don't Love 6:47
9. Little Sister 6:09

Disc 2 - 42 Min
1. Help Me Darlin' 8:52
2. Hard Headed Woman 3:18
3. Honest I Do 4:49
4. Jailhouse Rock 4:38
5. Hound Dog 2:42
6. Brand New Man 3:16
7. Slow Down 5:45
8. Whammer Jammer 2:49
Set 3
9. Sea Cruise 2:07
10. Can't Get Next To You 3:24

Danny Gatton - Guitar
Paul Bell - Guitar
Pete Ragusa - Drums
Mark Wenner - Vocals, Harmonica
Johnny Castle - Bass

The first 3 songs are muffled but it opens up (gets clearer) during the beginning of track 4. Lots of blues tunes. I'm guessing at the titles of these songs and the band members. If anyone knows their real titles, please let me know.

No eq, no noise reduction.


If you have a better copy or any different source, please let me know.

- 29 Feb 2008 This file created.

FLAC fingerprints:
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 06.flac:6c7c395ab966055e6e48a3a8a512e2ea
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 07.flac:e88b72d061dea84dec9ead7bf3377589
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 08.flac:3b855ee5ed52ab8dda2db236c11649af
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 09.flac:d7794ba6bd6ccb5cced1d4d8f7918ec8
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 10.flac:82d14121454192d4417aae5ca405c867
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 01.flac:a7046768ed23d18c6feae840289bf7bb
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 02.flac:c6edc579d8c174d94c0dfe8c7b49ad87
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 03.flac:859f0d15491567fd88398e2a7569456b
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 04.flac:9db11d9e78cad1baed6d408817c84182
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 05.flac:56d6c4866510f84fdbe1c746380035e8
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 06.flac:d263afd5d21312ef697df7b231a6a278
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 07.flac:3c0145c91ab816466d87a2d6eaf7a517
DGatton 1982-03-19d1 08.flac:8551b51ff90046c249c7a3affc5c3de6
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DGatton 1982-03-19d2 01.flac:24923c5ee11364ca9eb76b911b4d289c
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 02.flac:9a49ed197c09b080030f61c0a503e4c8
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 03.flac:17ab6ab4a4750742c00b8962f59fe563
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 04.flac:0e52e7d90043fc41a6fa82461a944d3f
DGatton 1982-03-19d2 05.flac:344f9e011f6eb1ee2f26e8662b1c45e4

MD5 checksums:
b628b4b94e80259fd195787ef39e626f *DGatton 1982-03-19d1 01.flac
65ad897cf04a13a7520894682b5632a1 *DGatton 1982-03-19d1 02.flac
360c0b98a27bc43d3144eb1ab337d02e *DGatton 1982-03-19d1 03.flac
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52607b8f63257c7bd6d3dc2e8e66036c *DGatton 1982-03-19d2 10.flac