Danny O'Keefe
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, California
May 5, 2017

first set
01. Lincoln's introduction to McCabe's and Danny O'Keefe
02. So Long Harry Truman
03. Steel Guitar
04. The Road
05. The First Time
06. Magdalena
07. More Than Eva Braun
08. Danny tells a story
09. Junk Man
10. She Said "Drive On Driver"
11. Muddy & G (???)

second set
01. Lincoln's introduction to the second set
02. Pieces Of The Rain
03. Story about Bob Dylan
04. Well Well Well
05. Trees
06. Angel Spread Your Wings
07. Catfish
08. Into the West
09. (We're All) Strangers Here
10. Northern California
11. Runaway
12. They'll Be Coming For Me Soon (???)
13. Joseph
14. Quits
15. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
16. Covered Wagon
17. Just Jones
18. It's Time (???)

Recorded by -M-
Audio Technica at-943 pair (SP-CMC8) > SP-SPSB-11 (battery box) > Sony pcm M-10 @ 24-96
iZotope RX4 advanced > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac 8)
Song information embedded with Foobar

What a wonderful singer and songwriter.
My first opportunity to see Danny was as an opening act for YES when I lived in Seattle in 1972.
Remembered enjoying his music and bought his first LP afterwards.
Never got the opportunity to see him play again until this show came up at McCabe's.

Danny tunes the guitar regularly and he sometimes forgets to switch back to his amp afterwards.
You can hear his little comments about "the button".
Being this close to the stage it doesn't really make much difference.
A bit of that tuning was removed so the second set could fit on a single disc.

Three song titles are not verified (???) and are just a guess on my part.
Any help on these titles would be appreciated.

Someone close to me had a plastic water bottle and it created a crackling sound so that was removed as needed.

The applause segments were really loud and a big effort was made to reduce that and increase the music.
Much easier to listen to now.

For historic reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial uses.

-M- (May 2017)

If you like this performance consider purchasing one of the official releases found at Danny's web site or at your favorite store.
Just don't go to spotify.