Tulsa Sun Festival 1979-07-08 Tulsa, OK - Complete 3 hours - Danny O'Keefe, Jesse Colin Young, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, (David Lindley) aud

Tulsa Sun Festival
Mohawk Park
Tulsa, OK

"Stop Black Fox" & Karen Silkwood benefit concert


Danny O'Keefe (with Freebo?) set:

The Only Thing You'll Ever Trade For Love ?
The Jimmy Hoffa Memorial Building Blues
The Road
Steel Guitar
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (w David Lindley)
You Don't Have to Be Right, You Have to Be Ready
The Hereafter (with Bonnie Raitt?)


Jesse Colin Young (with Suzi Young) set:
Higher and Higher
Sanctuary (with David Lindley & Freebo)
Lafayette Waltz / Jambalaya (with Jackson Browne, David Lindley & Freebo)
Light Shine (with Jackson Browne, David Lindley & Freebo)


Bonnie Raitt (with Freebo) set:
Baby, I Love You
Louise (with David Lindley)
Angel From Montgomery (with ?)
Stop Black Fox Blues ?
Write Me a Few of Your Lines / Kokomo Blues
Under A Falling Sky (with Jackson Browne and David Lindley)


Jackson Browne (with David Lindley) set:
For Everyman
The Times You've Come (with Bonnie Raitt)
The Crow on the Cradle
For a Dancer
The Pretender
Running on Empty
Before the Deluge

Get Together

concert info from the Jackson Browne Concert chronology at

This is a bit of a marathon so be as selective as you like. The masters for this show are long gone
- another show recorded by the late Leslie Martin - JB fan extraordinaire. Quality is pretty good
considering the circumstances. mp3 samples attached. Please correct song titles if necessary and
info regarding any musicians or aeroplanes not credited for a particular song would be appreciated.
Another great example of Mr Dave's musicality, versatility and general all round wonderfulness.

lineage: first gen Maxell XLI cassettes > Aiwa AD-F810 (can't afford a Nak CR-7 sorry) >
Soundblaster Live! > HD > edited and normalized with Nero WaveEditor 4 > flac > Dime