Rounder Zoe Accoustic Night 20 January 2006 : Alana Levandoski, Lynn Miles and Dar Williams SBD

This Soundboard recording of Dar Williams is from the Rounder Zoe Accoustic Night,. Dar was the last of three women from over the water the others were Lynn Miles and Alana Levandoski. Was originally posted by me as two torrents, I have been asked to post this again… so if you downloaded this in January 2005 you don’t need to again ! a

First on was Alana Levandoski then Lynn Miles this was the first time that I had seen these great women live, I was most impressed with Lynn Miles… quite magical.

This was a great intimate gig only 180 people in a small hall on the outskirts of Manchester UK.

The sound is extremely crisp and clear. First generation direct from the master recording.

Disc one

Alana Levandoski
1. In the Crowd
2. Bring Me home
3. Prairie Son
4. Levi
5. Helpless
6. Red Headed Girl

Lynn Miles:
7. lets build a fire
8. Chat
9. Thousand Lovers
10. Black Flowers - Night Drive
11. Chat
12. Try not to be so sad
13. Over you
14. Unravel

Total length: 61:31

Disc two

Dar Williams:
1. The Christians and the Pagans
2. chat into to So close to my heart
3. So close to my heart
4. Chat Intro to Spring Street
5. Spring Street
6. The Babysitters here
7. Chat Into to Wilder than Her
8. Wilder than Her
9. Chat Intro to The Blue Light of the Flame
10. The Blue Light of the Flame
11. Chat Into to Beautiful Enemy
12. Beautiful Enemy
13. Chat
14. The Mercy of the fallen
15. Are you out there
16. End of the Summer
17. Chat
18. When I was a Boy
19. Crowd and Chat
20. February

Total length: 63.23

Listen out for the whisper ‘Thank you God’ on ‘The Babysitters here’

Master disc- CD Wave Editor-Traders little helper

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Another Slap and Tickle original recording