Darin Atwater & his Gospel Choir
Allen Room

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Warning: This recording is in Glorious Mono.

Darin Atwater Gospel Pianist and composer Darin Atwater draws on deep roots in gospel, jazz, and classical traditions for his 15-piece gospel choir. With special guest singer Kim Burrell - they shake the roof of the Allen Room in this heavenly concert including Atwater's own compositions plus "Wade in the Water," "What a Wonderful World," and "Amazing Grace."

Announcer 1:52
Just Praise (Atwater) 5:23
Psalms (Atwater) 9:18

Announcer 2:44
Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Past 7:06
Elijah Rock 5:18

Announcer Interlude 2:37
Wade in the Water 4:21
Lift Jesus 5:19
You Alone Are God 9:30
Amazing Grace// 2:41

Voiceover Outro 1:29

Total Time: 57:42

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59432d1bb4f0a84d6dc9a84d300b69fc [shntool] 01 Announcer.flac
dd4d5e1214653687ecb65d976385687e [shntool] 02 Just Praise.flac
847605c0777c94437cb93fa86083edf4 [shntool] 03 Psalms.flac
c275ee000a131d7eae90e5b0581f3dce [shntool] 04 Announcer.flac
171355dfcb32efe6460d291c1583cd88 [shntool] 05 Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Past.flac
d6a814dc6a20100e3371c6aa2b57ce12 [shntool] 06 Elijah Rock.flac
89a11958df9e5084e2388c930dd018ce [shntool] 07 Announcer.flac
16d0d4decd891edfabb2d56ca1bf783f [shntool] 08 Wade in the Water.flac
6ba4f87489956126366ce9384a14f3bf [shntool] 09 Lift Jesus.flac
e9c03997d2571979263003b970cf111c [shntool] 10 You Alone Are God.flac
27e024f5a5e37801d5deda85ebc7163e [shntool] 11 Amazing Grace.flac
6517a6cdcc23866477c3565063173441 [shntool] 12 Voiceover Outro.flac

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