Dark Dark Dark

Lunar Stage
Moseley Folk Festival
Moseley Park

Friday 31st August 2012

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > SP-SPSB-11 (bass roll off 69hz) > Edirol R-09HR > wav (24bit/44.1k)
> Audacity (mild EQ, normalise, fades, export as 16bit/44.1k)
> CDWave (tracking)
> TLH (FLAC, checksum)

Recorded 6ft from PA stack, stage right.

01 introduction - Janice Long
03 Meet In The Dark
04 It's A Secret
05 Patsy Cline
06 Celebrate
07 The Great Mistake
09 How It Went Down
10 Daydreaming


According to Wikipedia, the band line-up is:
Nona Marie Invie - vocals, piano, accordion
Marshall LaCount - banjo, clarinet, vocals
Walt McClements - piano, accordion, trumpet, backing vocals
Mark Trecka - drums
Adam Wozniak - bass


The Lunar Stage is the festival's second stage, located next to the main stage. Bands playing the main stage soundcheck whilst second stage acts are performing and vice versa.

The position of the stages had been changed slightly this year. There were three PA stacks, located stage right of the Lunar stage, in between the two stages and stage left of the main stage. Two of these were being used at any one time, depending on which stage was being used.

Early in the weekend, it became apparent that this set-up was prone to problems. Several sets were interrupted by brief PA dropouts, and on a couple of occasions someone forgot to switch on one of the two stacks being used. Whilst waiting in a central position in front of the Lunar Stage to tape Dark Dark Dark, it became apparent that the PA stack between the two stages wasn't working. To prevent the recording being horribly unbalanced, I moved to stand in front of the other (working) stack. Friends who stayed in my original position tell me that it was at least 15 minutes before someone realised that the other stack wasn't working and switched it on.

There are a couple of brief dropouts present caused, inevitably, by the PA malfunctioning. The first of these is during Janice Long's introduction. The second is about 2 minutes into track 05.

September 2012