Dark Star Orchestra
Grand Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
04/24/2010 (DSO Show #1798)

Set One (1h 09m)
01 Tuning / Finicula Finiculi
02 Jackstraw
03 Althea
04 CC Rider
05 Birdsong
06 Beat It On Down The Line
07 Ramble On Rose
08 Feel Like A Stranger

Set Two (2h 02m)
01 China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
02 Women Smarter
03 Ship Of Fools
04 Estimated Prophet >
05 Eyes Of The World
06 Drums >
07 Space
08 Truckin
09 Morning Dew
10 Johnny B Goode
11 Encore: Loose Lucy

DSO featuring Stu Allen on guitar and vocals.Show played was from 03/02/1987 at the HJKaiser Auditorium in Oakland, CA

Sources: 1: Neumann KM140 > SD722 > silver disc > Soundforge > TLH; taper and transfer Phil Hopely
2: NAK 300 > CP-1 > Sony-D8 DAT > coax > Soundforge > Adobe Audition > CDWave > TLH; taper Mark McCreary, transfer Peter Toluzzi

Set 1 is straight from the Neumann recording. Set 2 is a matrix mix (approximately fifty-fifty) of the two sources, made in Adobe Audition - at least until the last minute or so of the encore, when the dat tape ran out...

Stu's parents were in the house for this gig, and an enthusiastic Good Time seemed to be had by all. Enjoy!
Peter T