Dark Star Orchestra
10-21-2010 (THU) Show: 1862
Varsity Theater,
Minneapolis, MN

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT msn.com)
Sennheiser e 614’s > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod)
Wavelab 6.0

Original Setlist

CD-1, Set One:

01. Tuning > Promised Land,
02. Loser,
03. It's All Over Now,
04. Easy Wind,
05. Dear Prudence,
06. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again,
07. It Must Have Been The Roses,

CD-2 Set 1 Continued,

08. Lazy Lighting > Supplication,
09. Might As Well
Set Two Begins,
10. Tuning with “Don’t Need Love” tease.
11. Cumberland Blues,
12. Stir It Up,
13. Foolish Heart,
14. Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance >

CD-3 Set 2, Continued
15. Drums >
16. Space >
17. Days Between >
18. Throwing Stones >
19. That's What Love Will Make You Do,

20. The Weight

This Will Be The Last Show I Will Ever Attend At The Varsity Theater. I Don’t Need Secret Service Type Security Guards Going Through Me And My Belongings Then Intimidating Me To Attend A Concert. Welcome To NAZI Germany…