Dark Star Orchestra
The Garage, London, England
March 18 2012 7-11pm
Second set only 8:13-11:00pm

Due to a technical error my first set recording is unusable.
However, if you like this recording you may wish to complete the
performance by torrenting the first set which was recorded by
another taper and available on Dime.
Torrent #399894 Dark Star Orchestra - The Garage, London March 18 2012 First Set Only AUD

Rob Barraco- keyboards, vocals
Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals
Dino English - drums, percussion (Brokedown Palace only)
Rob Koritz - drums, percussion (all except Brokedown Palace)
Lisa Mackey - vocals
Jeff Mattson - lead guitar, vocals
Kevin Rosen - bass, vocals

1. Crowd and Tuning 01:34
2. Ramble On Rose 06:57
3. Crowd and Tuning 00:47
4. Dark Star > 21:32
5. Morning Dew 13:45

1. Dead Air, Crowd and Tuning 00:45
2. He's Gone 08:16
3. Sugar Magnolia 07:35
4. Comes A Time 06:43
5. Band Rap 00:37
6. Goin Down The Road Feelin' Bad > 08:27
7. Not Fade Away > 03:07
8. Hey Bo Diddley > 03:44
9. Not Fade Away 05:07
10. Tuning 00:26

11. Uncle John's Band 07:24
12. Band Rap ~ Rob Koritz 01:36

Additional Encore not played in original performance
13. Brokedown Palace 06:51

Setlist as played by The Grateful Dead on May 23 1972 at the Lyceum, London,
excepting (first set) Me and My Uncle missing between I Know You Rider
and Chinatown Shuffle

Audio lineage
Zoom HS-2 Audio Recorder> Soundforge 6.0 Level Normalisation>
CD Wave Editor Track Marking> Trader's Little Helper flac conversion

.avi video capture (Fuji Finepix A825) of the show from Comes A Time can be
found on YouTube at
Comes A Time

GDTRFB> NFA> Hey Bo Diddley> NFA

UJB and Brokedown Palace

A Cosmic Claire Recording

Personal notes

I had the great pleasure and privilege of being at the original Lyceum show
and I was truly amazed at how close the DSO achieved to the original sound
and feel. A couple of differences ~ there were much fewer and shorter t
uning breaks than the first time around, which led to a more uptempo show,
so it was a modern 'interpretation' and not a slavish reproduction of the
original. The audience too were more upbeat than at the Lyceum.
A wonderful evening which I am truly grateful to have been able to attend and record.

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